Departs Ormond- Port Orange - New Smyrna

Departs Ormond- Port Orange - New Smyrna
從 USD US$79.00
  • 位置: ORMOND BEACH, Florida
  • 产品编号: P94ZXK
Departs Ormond- Port Orange - New Smyrna 

Saturday April 5, 2025

Waitress the Musical 

$79 Includes: Motor Coach Transportation and Orchestra seat Main Floor

Waitress: Jenna is a waitress and expert pie baker at Joe's Pie Diner in the American South. She bakes pies to distract herself from her unhappiness with her home life ("What's Inside"). She begins another day at the diner with her boss Cal and fellow waitresses Becky and Dawn ("Opening Up"). After Jenna almost throws up, Becky and Dawn convince her to take a pregnancy test which, to Jenna's dismay, comes back positive; Jenna deduces the pregnancy came from a night when she drunkenly had sex with her abusive husband, Earl ("The Negative"). Earl comes to the diner and suggests he wants to make Jenna quit and give up her passion for baking. He takes the tips she has earned from working so far that day. She decides not to tell him about her pregnancy and recalls her late mother, who also found solace from an unhappy marriage in baking ("What Baking Can Do").